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DateTimeHomeScoreAwayScoreLocationTypeGame Code
May 17, 20147:30 pmAllen Wild Dawgz17Houston Outlaws Varsity14Joshua Owls StadiumPlayoffs
May 17, 20145:30 pmAllen Wild Dawgz6Houston Outlaws JV36Joshua Owls StadiumPlayoffs
May 17, 20143:30 pmDallas Lions12Ft. Bend Express JV14Joshua Owls StadiumPlayoffs
May 17, 201411:30 amDallas Lions0F.A.S.T. Varsity36Joshua Owls StadiumPlayoffs
May 10, 20147:40 pmHumble Bulldogs Varsity0Houston Outlaws Varsity18Tully StadiumPlayoffs
May 10, 20146:00 pmHouston Outlaws JV26Ft. Bend Express JV6Tully StadiumPlayoffs
May 10, 20143:20 pmHumble Bulldogs JV40Ft. Bend Cowboys JV20Tully StadiumPlayoffs
May 10, 20141:30 pmFt. Bend Express Varsity0F.A.S.T. Varsity26Tully StadiumPlayoffs
May 3, 20147:00 pmFt. Bend Express Varsity0Houston Outlaws Varsity14Tully StadiumPlayoffs
May 3, 20145:20 pmHumble Bulldogs Varsity26F.A.S.T. Varsity20Tully StadiumPlayoffs
May 3, 20143:40 pmHouston Outlaws JV12Ft. Bend Cowboys JV0Tully StadiumPlayoffs
May 3, 20142:00 pmFt. Bend Express JV21Humble Bulldogs JV14Tully StadiumPlayoffs
Apr 26, 2014TBDFt. Bend Cowboys JV0FUN Ravens JV0DementPlayoffs
Apr 26, 201410:40 amF.A.S.T. Varsity20Woodlands Ducks Varsity0DementPlayoffs
Apr 26, 20149:00 amHumble Bulldogs JV36F.A.S.T. JV6DementPlayoffs
Apr 19, 20143:40 pmHouston Cobras JV0Humble Bulldogs JV0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 19, 20142:00 pmHouston Outlaws Varsity40Woodlands Ducks Varsity6Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 19, 201412:20 pmF.A.S.T. Varsity6Ft. Bend Express Varsity20Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 19, 201410:40 amHouston Outlaws JV44Woodlands Ducks JV0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 19, 20149:00 amF.A.S.T. JV0Ft. Bend Express JV9Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 19, 2014TBDHumble Bulldogs Varsity0TBD0Butler StadiumRegular Season
Apr 19, 2014TBDTBD0FUN Ravens Varsity0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 19, 2014TBDTBD0FUN Ravens JV0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 12, 20147:40 pmHumble Bulldogs Varsity0F.A.S.T. Varsity12DementRegular Season0
Apr 12, 2014TBDFUN Ravens Varsity0TBD0DementRegular Season
Apr 12, 20146:00 pmFt. Bend Express Varsity8Houston Outlaws Varsity2DementRegular Season0
Apr 12, 20144:20 pmHumble Bulldogs JV14F.A.S.T. JV0DementRegular Season0
Apr 12, 20142:40 pmFt. Bend Express JV9Houston Outlaws JV30DementRegular Season0
Apr 12, 2014TBDWoodlands Ducks Varsity0TBD0DementExhibition0
Apr 12, 20141:00 pmFt. Bend Cowboys JV34FUN Ravens JV0DementRegular Season0
Apr 12, 2014TBDWoodlands Ducks JV0TBD0DementExhibition0
Apr 5, 20147:00 pmFUN Ravens Varsity0F.A.S.T. Varsity58Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 5, 2014TBDWoodlands Ducks Varsity0TBD0Butler StadiumRegular Season
Apr 5, 20145:20 pmFt. Bend Express Varsity27TBD6Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 5, 20143:40 pmHouston Cobras JV0F.A.S.T. JV0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 5, 20142:00 pmFt. Bend Express JV24TBD0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 5, 201412:20 pmHouston Outlaws Varsity0Humble Bulldogs Varsity6Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 5, 201410:40 amFt. Bend Cowboys JV36Woodlands Ducks JV0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Apr 5, 20149:00 amHouston Outlaws JV20Humble Bulldogs JV16Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 29, 20147:40 pmHouston Outlaws Varsity22F.A.S.T. Varsity6Delmar StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 29, 20146:00 pmWoodlands Ducks Varsity26FUN Ravens Varsity0Delmar StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 29, 20144:20 pmHouston Outlaws JV20F.A.S.T. JV14Delmar StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 29, 20142:40 pmWoodlands Ducks JV8FUN Ravens JV6Delmar StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 29, 20141:00 pmFt. Bend Express Varsity0Humble Bulldogs Varsity14Delmar StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 29, 201411:20 amTBD6Ft. Bend Cowboys JV22Delmar StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 29, 20149:40 amFt. Bend Express JV31Houston Cobras JV0Delmar StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 22, 20147:40 pmTBD6Humble Bulldogs Varsity20Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 22, 20146:00 pmFt. Bend Express Varsity6Woodlands Ducks Varsity0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 22, 20144:20 pmTBD6Humble Bulldogs JV32Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 22, 20142:40 pmFt. Bend Express JV14Woodlands Ducks JV0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 22, 20141:00 pmFUN Ravens Varsity0Houston Outlaws Varsity58Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 22, 201411:20 amFUN Ravens JV18Houston Cobras JV12Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 22, 20149:40 amF.A.S.T. Varsity60TBD0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 22, 20148:00 amF.A.S.T. JV12Ft. Bend Cowboys JV22Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 8, 20147:40 pmHouston Outlaws Varsity34TBD6Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 8, 20146:00 pmHumble Bulldogs Varsity42Woodlands Ducks Varsity0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 8, 20144:20 pmHouston Outlaws JV30Ft. Bend Cowboys JV12Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 8, 20142:40 pmHumble Bulldogs JV30Woodlands Ducks JV6Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 8, 20141:00 pmFUN Ravens Varsity0Ft. Bend Express Varsity44Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 8, 201411:20 amHouston Cobras JV6TBD26Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 8, 20149:40 amFUN Ravens JV0Ft. Bend Express JV27Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 8, 20148:00 amF.A.S.T. Varsity36TBD8Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 1, 20147:40 pmHumble Bulldogs Varsity46FUN Ravens Varsity0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 1, 20146:00 pmTBD20Houston Outlaws Varsity28Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 1, 20144:20 pmHumble Bulldogs JV28FUN Ravens JV0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 1, 20142:40 pmTBD6Houston Outlaws JV42Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 1, 20141:00 pmWoodlands Ducks Varsity0F.A.S.T. Varsity38Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 1, 201411:20 amTBD6Ft. Bend Express Varsity44Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 1, 20149:40 amWoodlands Ducks JV0F.A.S.T. JV0Butler StadiumRegular Season0
Mar 1, 20148:00 amFt. Bend Cowboys JV38Houston Cobras JV0Butler StadiumRegular Season0

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