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2009 Season Summary

2009 Houston Select Football League Varsity MVP's




Most Valuable Offensive Lineman


Joseph Cantu


NW Knights


Most Valuable Defensive Lineman


Michael Parker


Galveston County Heat


Most Valuable Offensive Player


Bryce Peters


NW Knights


Most Valuable Defensive Player


Arhmon McLoud


HSF Texans


League Most Valuable Player


Don Henderson


Galveston County Heat



2009 Houston Select Football League Junior Varsity MVP's
Most Valuable Offensive Lineman
Bo Meece
HSF Texans
Most Valuable Defensive Lineman
Manny Gabriels
Missouri City Longhorns
Most Valuable Offensive Player
Leroy Fields
HSF Texans
Most Valuable Defensive Player
Reggie Franklin
Galveston County Heat
League Most Valuable Player
Christopher Zook
HSF Texans


2009 Varsity All-HSFL Offense


1st Team All - HSFL Offense
OL Texans Andrew Jack
OL Heat Marcus Escobedo
OL Texans Abraham Blanco
OL Heat Quinton Franklin
OL NW Knights Brandon Brown
OL Heat Gray Laskoske
QB Texans Robert Martin
RB Heat Don Henderson
RB NW Knights Bryce Peters
WR Heat Eddie Goodman
WR Heat Armanti Foreman
2nd Team All - HSFL Offense
OL Texans Xavier Mendoza
OL Heat Kwenton Griffin
OL NW Knights Joseph Cantu
OL Texans Adam Tutt
OL Heat T.J. Combs
OL NW Knights Antwoine Anderson
QB Heat Devin Molis
RB Texans Brian Womac
RB Heat Dee Foreman
WR Texans Seth Scott
WR Longhorns Damrkus Hines
Honorable Mention All - HSFL Offense
OL Texans Cole Medrano
OL Longhorns Jamarcus Taylor
OL Texans Andrew Kennedy
OL Longhorns McKenzie Gaskin
OL Longhorns Darion Brown
QB Longhorns Keyante Venable
RB Texans Arhman McLoud
WR Texans Damitri Morris


2009 Varsity All-HSFL Defense

1st Team All - HSFL Defense
DL Texans Andrew Jack
DL Heat John Smith
DL Texans Blake Davidson
DL Heat Michael Parker
LB Texans Robert Martin
LB NW Knights Bryce Peters
LB Texans Arhmon McLoud
LB Texans Renderick Childs
DB Longhorns Markus Taylor
DB Texans Damitri Morris
DB Heat Devin Molis
2nd Team All - HSFL Defense
DL Texans Cole Medrano
DL NW Knights Dexter Collins
DL Heat Marcus Escobedo
DL Longhorns Keyante Venable
LB Heat Andre Ross
LB Heat Joseph Valdez
LB Longhorns Aaron Petry
LB Heat Don Dre Henderson
DB Texans Tavares Garner
DB Longhorns Tristan Gilford
DB Texans Nathan "Gator" Adams
Honorable Mention All - HSFL Defense
DL Longhorns Jamarcus Turner
DL Longhorns Antwoine Townes
LB Longhorns Lonnie Nickerson
LB Longhorns Devin White
DB Heat Donte Foreman


2009 JV All - HSFL Offense


1st Team All - HSFL Offense
OL Texans Joel Pineda
OL Heat Damon Jaramillo
OL Texans Edwin Leon
OL Heat Eyland Price
OL Texans Bo Meece
OL Heat Rondell Smith
QB Texans Christopher Zook
RB Texans Leroy Fields
RB Texans Collins Kwabena
WR Northside Raiders Xavier Powell
WR Texans John Plattenberg
2nd Team All - HSFL Offense
OL Longhorns Jalen Vaughn
OL Texans Adam Khalifa
OL Northside Raiders Mason Longoria
OL Texans Taylor Brown
OL Northside Raiders Samuel Lacoste
OL Texans Austin Wheeler
QB Heat Reggie Franklin
RB Longhorns Dominque Bennett
RB Heat Willie Butler
WR Texans Jimbo Williams
WR Heat Devin Gray
Honorable Mention All - HSFL Offense
OL Heat Allen Hopkins
RB Longhorns Denzel Bates
WR Longhorns Brandon Soloman
WR Longhorns Ladarius Heard


2009 JV All - HSFL Defense


1st Team All - HSFL Defense
DL Texans Collins Kwabena
DL Northside Raiders Brandon James
DL Texans Bradley Cunningham
DL Heat Reggie Franklin
LB Texans Leroy Fields
LB Northside Raiders Zachary Whitley
LB Texans Joel Pineda
LB Heat Daniel Pinon
DB Texans John Plattenberg
DB Texans Christopher Zook
DB Northside Raiders Kevian DeLeon
2nd Team All - HSFL Defense
DL Northside Raiders Brutavious Johnson
DL Longhorns Jalen Vaughn
DL Heat Scott Ritzman
DL Longhorns Denzel Bates
LB Texans Adam Khalifa
LB Northside Raiders Jordan Silva
LB Texans Anthony Small
LB Heat Willie Butler
DB Longhorns Ladarius Heard
DB Longhorns Dominique Bennett
DB Heat Devin Gray
Honorable Mention All - HSFL Defense
LB Northside Raiders Robert Benavides
LB Longhorns Terry Woolbrite
LB Longhorns Daquan Ben


2009 League Standings

Junior Varsity

   W    L    T    W%    PF    PA  
HSF Texans JV  Edit   Del  5 0 0 1.000 188 6
Missouri City Longhorns JV  Edit   Del  3 2 0 0.600 102 64
Northside Raiders  Edit   Del  2 2 0 0.500 80 80
Galveston County Heat JV  Edit   Del  1 4 0 0.200 44 146
HSF Panthers  Edit   Del  0 3 0 0.000 0 118



   W    L    T    W%    PF    PA  
HSF Texans Varsity  Edit   Del  5 1 0 0.833 146 36
Galveston County Heat Varsity  Edit   Del  4 2 0 0.667 166 74
Missouri City Longhorns Varsity  Edit   Del  2 4 0 0.333 44 137
Northwest Knights  Edit   Del  1 5 0 0.167 33 142



State Championship Weekend

State Championship Weekend was held at Floyd Casey Stadium at Baylor University on Saturday May 16th!!
A special thank you goes to the Baylor coaching staff and administration for their support!!


Six teams from the HSFL and the TSOF competed in this annual event. It was an amazing day of football with truly some of the very best middle school talent in the state of Texas on display. Teams had to overcome lightning delays and driving rains but they persevered and we had an incredible day at a great facility.
The day ended up being very balanced with three victories for each league and one State Championship trophy going home to each group! Wonderful competition with quality people. That is what State Championship Weekend is all about!!
Congratulations to all teams who qualified for State Championship Weekend on a great season!!
2009 TSS Varsity Championship Game
HSFL Galveston County Heat 26 TSOF Orange Tigers 6
2009 TSS Varsity Cotton Bowl
HSFL Texans 8 TSOF Top Flite Frisco Titans 6
2009 TSS Varsity Alamo Bowl
Ft. Worth Cobras  27 HSFL NW Knights 0
2009 TSS Jr. Varsity Championship Game
TSOF DFW Trojans  14 HSFL Texans 6
2009 TSS Jr. Varsity Cotton Bowl
TSOF Arlington Vipers  28 HSFL Missouri City Longhorns 0
2009 TSS Jr. Varsity Alamo Bowl
HSFL Northside Raiders  40 TSOF White Tigers 0
We also would like to the thank the Texas School of Football for their participation in State Championship Weekend. The players, coaches and fans were GREAT to work with. We appreciate all of your cooperation and support. It was truly a joy to work and compete with you!!

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